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Choosing the right contractor can feel like a daunting task. Why is that? Well simply put, when shopping for a contractor, most of what we see as consumers is a bunch of advertisements. Whether it is a fancy billboard, a yellow page ad, or a pretty website, most of what we see, is what the company wants us to see! Sadly, in our marketplace a company that does bad service, doesn’t have proper licensing or insurance, can cover it up with pretty wording, pictures, and fancy videos. There is no way to verify that the plumber is a good one or not simply by looking on their website or advertisement.

So what can you do?
If you follow this piece of advice it will make a huge difference in getting you the plumber you want and deserve.
It all comes down to this folks…..references. Yes, that’s right, References!
“But Don, I ask for references every time I shop for a plumber, they only give me the name of the customers that like them”

Are you asking correctly?
Instead of asking him for his references, ask him this question first.
“How many customers have you served over the past 12 months?” If he responds with 500, that means he should be able to give you almost 500 references.
Why accept any less? If he gives you 5 references that could mean that only 1% of his customers liked the work he did.

How do you feel about a 1% satisfaction rate?
If a company says they have a 96% satisfaction rate, well that means they should be able to send you references for 96 out of every 100 customers they serve.
“But Don, when I asked him, he said people want that information private”
That’s a bunch of hooey. With over 30 years in business and over 100,000 customers served, there is only just a handful that would not allow us to use them as a reference.
If the plumber chooses not to give you more references simply decline service. Certainly there is someone out there who is willing to be honest and transparent with you.
If you are in need of plumbing service or shopping to compare estimates, if you follow this advice you will find better plumbers and contractors. It will also save you from any possible headaches.

Below is a quick video of what to look for when hiring the right plumber

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