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Los Angeles Sewer Back Up FAQ’s



Q: What are the top three causes of sewer back ups and how can they be prevented?

A: The most common reasons sewer back ups occur are clogged lines, heavy rain, and human interference.

When waste, inorganic debris, paper products, tree roots, grease, or saturated ground build up in your sewer lines, your line will become clogged. The best way to prevent this from happening is to perform regular maintenance, or hire a professional to do it for you. We will leave you with one clog-killing tip though: Flush tree root killer down your toilet annually to stop them from ever taking hold of your pipes.

When heavy rain strikes, a sewer back up usually occurs in a homeowner’s basement instead of outside in the yard. You can’t prevent the rain, of course, but you can try to avoid the flooding that follows. Have a professional come in to service your main lines so when the rain does hit, your plumbing is adequately prepared.

Something else you can’t directly prevent is human interference with your sewer lines, causing a back up. They can result from illegal activity, like placing unauthorized items in manholes or just common vandalism. In order to keep these activities to a minimum, you can install gates and locks so unauthorized persons can’t access the lines.

Q: What else should I know in terms of sewer back up prevention?

A: There are a few other devices you can use to try and avoid the headache of a sewer back up:

  • Floor drain plug: Because most sewer back ups start in the floor drain, having this plug seals off the drain and prevents liquids from passing through in either direction.
  • Standpipe: The standpipe, a cheaper alternative to the floor drain plug, allows water to enter through the drain, while stil keeping it in the pipe. This option, though, is really just a half-measure and shouldn’t be used if you have a severe back up on your hands.
  • Overhead sewer: An overhead sewer has an ejector pump that moves sewage out through an appropriate exit, away from vulnerable areas of your property.

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