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Random Acts of Kindness and Recognitions


We started our own “Random Acts of Kindness” purely from our hearts, which in turn gave us all a purpose and a “why” to do what we do. This has changed all of us to better serve and to take care of people through our services and resources. The change we have made in people’s lives is so rewarding that it makes us all have gratitude and appreciation for what we have. We hope others in our industry will be inspired to do the same, with the hope of changing the reputation of our industry.

Dear Customer,

We first would like to take the time and thank you, our customer, for your support in choosing us for your plumbing projects. These “Random Acts of Kindness” would not be possible without you. We truly have gratitude and appreciation for your support, especially with so many other options to choose from in our market place. You chose us, and for that alone, we will always be grateful to you!


The Twins

The Cothran Family Story

We still stay in touch with this family and make sure they’re doing OK!

The Media Coverage



We Would Also Like to Thank the Following Media Who Featured and Recognized Us:



















The Twin Plumbers TV Offer “Free” Help!

We started a YouTube channel and donate our time to filming free helpful plumbing tips on how to do your own plumbing projects. We are proud to say we have helped save homeowners thousands of dollars through our efforts.

  • Reaching 400,000 views!
  • Over 400 subscribers!
  • Over 160 helpful videos to choose from!

Thank You for Watching and Helping Us Make a Difference!

If you or someone else knows of an individual that can really use our help, please send us their story — [email protected]… Or reach us at 1-800-422-4032!

December 4, 2018

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