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Rancho Cucamonga residents know that it’s true, sewer lines don’t often need repair. The pipes are large and older ones are often made out of cast iron and can work well for decades. But when they do fail or are clogged they need to be repaired as soon as possible. This is especially true if the line goes out to the municipal sewer system. You might not only inconvenience yourself with a failing sewer line, but your neighbors as well!

Sewer line problems can be caused by invasive tree roots, age or even bad weather. Fortunately, our contractors have years of experience in Rancho Cucamonga sewer repair.

Sewer Repair in Rancho Cucamonda

There are basically two methods for our Rancho Cucamonga sewer repairand replacement. We can use the trench method where we use a backhoe to open up the ground and expose the broken area of the sewer. After the repair work is done, the backhoe is used to refill the soil that was excavated. A less disruptive method is trenchless sewer repair in Rancho Cucamonga CA. In this method, access holes are made at the beginning and end of the collapsed or punctured sewer line. We then use a machine to run a new pipe through the old pipe. The action breaks the old pipe and the new pipe is made out of material that’s both resistant to tree roots and leaks. Trenchless Rancho Cucamonga sewer repair has the advantage of not having to either dig up a substantial potion of the customer’s property or having to actually dig up the street and inconvenience the entire neighborhood. Trenchless repair is preferred in places that have a shallow frost line.

Sewer Replacement in Rancho Cucamonga

Before either the trench or trenchless method of sewer repair in Rancho Cucamonga CA is used, our technicians will conduct a sewer inspection in Rancho Cucamonga to be able to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. To do this, we use a camera and a video screen. Sometimes the problem isn’t caused by a leak but a stubborn clog in the sewer line. In this case, Rancho Cucamonga sewer cleaning is in order.

Expert Rancho Cucamonga Sewer Cleaning

Our technicians use hydrojetting to clean sewer lines. In this type ofRancho Cucamonga sewer cleaning, water is pumped into the line under high pressure. Even as it pumps out water, our tool also rotates to make sure that the pipe is completely cleaned out. Because the sewer line is accessed through the clean out plug, there’s no need to dig up the property to access the line.

For the best Rancho Cucamonga sewer cleaning, sewer inspection in Rancho Cucamonga and Rancho Cucamonga sewer repair and replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our company.

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