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Los Angeles Water Jetting FAQ’s



Q: What’s the quickest and most efficient drain clog solution?

A: Calling in a professional to have your drains water jetted is your best bet.

Q: Water jetted? What’s that?

A: Water jetting is a cost-effective drain cleaning procedure that uses high pressure reverse water streams to clear out drain blockages. Water jetting results are like no other – completely obliterating all obstructions while also restoring your pipes back to their original condition.

Q: Can I use water jets on clogged sewers as well as clogged drains?

A: Yes, of course! They are powerful and versatile enough to push through almost all serious sewer line clogs. The highly pressurized water jets will clean the inside of your sewer line and improve the flow of your sewer system without causing damage to it. It also helps to prevent future clogs. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that!


Why wouldn’t you want to water jet that clog away? Call the drain cleaning experts at The Twin Plumbers today!

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