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Los Angeles Drain Cleaning FAQ




Q. Why do tree roots repeatedly go after my sewer lines and what can I do to stop them?

A. Ah, those pesky tree roots got into your pipes huh? It may seem surprising that something as large as tree roots can get into something so small as a sewer line, but as you know it does happen. There are three main things that keep trees alive – water, nutrients, and oxygen. And guess what conveniently has all three? That’s right – your pipes. If your line has even the smallest breach in it, the roots will make their way in, grow, expand, and eventually clog up your plumbing. And, once they’re in, they prevent other items from flowing naturally, making the clog even bigger. You typically know if you have a tree root problem if there is a sewage back up in your home – toilets aren’t flushing, slow drains, the works. The smartest thing to do from that point on would be to work with professionals to set up regular preventative maintenance. Our trained drain cleaning experts will do their best to prevent you from ever having this problem again.

Q. What can I do in terms of regular maintenance to keep my drains from clogging? 

A. You should allow pipes in your home to fill with water instead of just letting it hit the bottom of the line. This can be done by filling up kitchen sinks and laundry tub lines with hot water and letting them drain. It also helps push any blockage-causing debris out of the main line. If you have a clogging problem that keeps coming back, chances are you have a bigger blockage. In that case, repeated repairs and maintenance techniques probably won’t be enough, and you don’t want to keep dishing out money for things that aren’t going to work. Contact The Twin Plumbers and we will send one of our highly trained drain cleaning experts to clear your line once and for all.

Q. Should I be doing anything to regularly treat my drains and decrease my risk of a clog? 

A. We simply suggest that you do not use harsh acid chemical cleaners in your lines because they can ultimately cause more problems than they solve. While they do serve as an effective temporary fix, you could create more problems for yourself that make the use of the chemicals not worth it. Your best bet in terms of decreasing the chances of a clog occurring is to call our expert sewer line cleaners to set up a preventative maintenance visit. We will use top-of-the-line drain cables and snakes to make sure your pipes are as good as new.

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