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High Pressure Water Jetting in Los Angeles


There may be more than one cause of a drain clog, but to completely and effectively clear that clog away, there’s only one solution: water jetting.

At The Twin Plumbers, we use our water jets for all those tough blockages because they are the most capable and versatile way to clean your drains out.

Water Jetting Service Features

  1. First, here’s how it works: This powerful device send a high-pressure stream of water down your pipes quickly to rid any and all obstructions.
  2. It doesn’t matter how deep, or how big, the clog is. The water hits the stoppage with such force that it completely obliterates anything in its way.
  3. Water jets also restore your pipes to their original condition and get them flowing like new!
  4. And, so we don’t do any damage to your drain system, when we use this method our team promises to choose the appropriate water pressure for your specific piping.


Water Jetting vs. Cabling

In many cases, a drain snake is a good step to take to see just how big of a clog you’re dealing with. But, it won’t do anything for the particularly troublesome ones. And, in some instances, water jetting is just always the better choice.

And here’s why:

  1. Water jetting doesn’t just clear your drains, it cleans them. Snaking doesn’t have the same permanent affect.
  2. Snakes can easily get stuck in the line and break – costing you extra money!
  3. Water jetting removes lime deposits, softens built up grease residues, and removes sand and concrete.
  4. Water jetting is also safe and environmentally friendly, and is an all around more efficient drain cleaning solution.


Think it’s time to try out The Twin Plumbers water jetting service? Call us today!

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