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We all hate it when we are using the shower and then all of a sudden you’re standing in 2 inches of water.  Or when you go brush your teeth and the sink starts to fill up.  Or when you have a sink full of dishes and you can’t get them cleaned because your sink just clogged.  And doesn’t it always seem to happen when you have guest over?

As guys who are passionate about educating our consumers we want to give 3 tips for prevention of clogged drains.
Twin tip# 1- When we get a drain call many times it’s at the kitchen sink.  It’s common due to the abuse the kitchen drain takes.  You should always take your cooking grease and just throw it away in your trash.  The grease hardens and sits in the pipe causing the line to clog.  So be careful when choosing to wash grease down the drain especially with the combination of food. Garbage disposals are not meant to be trash compactors.  They are good for light foods and accidental scraps.
A good way to keep the kitchen drain flowing is to maintenance it.  Maintenance the drain prior to it cloggin.  You can do this by boiling hot water and carefully pour into the drain a few times. A good concoction to make is baking soda vinegar.  Pour that down the drain with hot water a few times a month.  And that usually keeps your drain flowing.

Twin tip # 2-The bathroom sinks usually clogs at the pop up.   This is the part that moves up and down to block the water to fill the sink.   Most of the time the debris, such as hair, builds up right there at the groves.  If you can remove that by lifting it up, (you may need to turn and lift up at the same time to free it.) if the clog is not there that means that it’s a little lower, so grab a plunger and force a few pumps with water inside the sink.  You want the water level above the rubber part of the plunger. This would also apply to a shower stoppage.

Twin tip # 3-The bathtub is an annoying stoppage, but 80% of the time the blockage is caused by an accumulation of hair.  You can buy a plastic tool called “the zip it” tool at any hardware store for less than $5.00.  This is very effective and you don’t even have to remove any tub parts to accomplish unclogging. Whatever you do, do not use harsh chemicals to attempt to clear any drains in your home, they can cause more damage than be of any help to clearing those stoppages…

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