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Why Choose the Twins for Your New Water Heater Replacement?

  • We have installed over 2,000 water heaters, which means we know water heaters will perform the best for you!
  • We have been in business since 1982, so we know the codes, what works and what doesn’t work.
  • We provide you with the best warranties and support. We have built a great relationship with our supplier, which means the best customer service and products support you!
  • We have a 93% Customer Retention Rate, which means you will be happy with our services!
  • We give back to our local community (see video below)!

What to Expect from The Twin Plumbers?

The Twin Plumbers’ Professional Opinion and 25 Years of Experience on What Water Heater You Should Choose for Your Home:

Why choose Bradford White water heater from your home?

  • Made in America, which means better product and customer service for you!
  • Innovators and leaders of all the latest in water heater technology!
  • Glass lining innovation has a spark test of 10, which means stronger, lasting, corrosion-free tank!

Why don’t choose a Home Depot or Rheem water heater for your home?

  • Made in Mexico, which means cheaper products!
  • The Twin Plumbers have seen more failed Rheem/GE water heaters than any other brand.
  • More consumer complaints online.
  • Glass liner has spark test of 150 to 175, which means a weaker tank liner that is vulnerable to breaking.

The Twin Plumbers give you the inside of how to install a water heater and what to look for!

How Much Do You Charge to Install a Water Heater? Are You More Expensive Than Home Depot?

  • We offer the same pricing, which stars around $950 for a standard 50 gallon 6/yr swap out, but remember our Bradford White water heater is superior than GE or Rheem.
  • We offer free sanitation/anti-microbial on wet materials due to leaking water heaters. This prevents mold or fungus growth.
  • We offer specialized services that no one else does, such as dry-down water damage material, whole house water conditioners, and mold prevention inhibitors, which makes us the cheapest in town.

With Your Support, We Give Back!

This was one of our favorite Random Acts of Kindness!

Call The Twins today at 1-800-422-8032!

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